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How To Keep Your Space Cozy Post-Holidays

The holidays are over, but I’m still into the whole “keeping spirits bright” thing!  With the temperature dropping, I want to stay inside, but also want to feel like I’m in a luxurious, cozy ski resort while doing it (I mean, why not?!)  I’ve added these little touches to my home to keep it cozy sans decorations.

1. Cool It Down

The first step is keeping things bright and airy!  Using whites, creams, blues (think cool tones) will mimic the gorgeous white of pretty, fresh snow, albeit the freezing temps.  Think winter wonderland, but with a thermostat!   Having cool neutrals will also make accessorizing your space even more fun!

2. Velvet, Velvet, Velvet

Fabrics can change the mood of the room and make it more inviting. Crushed velvet is so trendy this season, and this can include on your couch. Adding a pair of velvet pillows not only looks chic, but inviting.  And while we’re talking pillows, throw a few more on that couch!  Nothing is cozier than being buried in an overabundance of pillows.  Really feeling extravagant?  Swap out an old piece of furniture for a gorgeous velvet piece!  A velvet chair is timeless and inviting.  While you’re layering with pillows, drape a throw over your furniture.  Whether a beautiful knit blanket, or a dreamy soft faux fur throw, this not only looks pretty, but is practical in keeping you and your guests warm.

3. Set The Mood

One of my favorite touches is candles, and oh how pretty they look clustered together!  Is there anything more perfect than enjoying a warm cup of coffee by the glow of candlelight?  Whenever I need to unwind from a busy day, I love to dim the lights (mood lighting is never too extra) and light a few candles.  It’s also the simplest and quickest way to cozy up your space!

4. Warm Things Up

For the ultimate touch, if I know I’m having guests over I’ll turn my bar cart into a warm beverage bar!  Adding a few mugs, marshmallows, tea bags or cinnamon sticks along with fresh brewed coffee, cocoa or hot water will trick my friends into thinking they’re at a ski chalet in the middle of Chi.  It couldn’t be easier, and it makes winter gatherings a little more special!


Follow these steps to keep your home warm when it’s cold outside, baby!

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