Currently Crushing Vol. I: Fitness

Welcome to Volume I of my Currently Crushing series! Every month I will be sharing a few of my favorite things from that category. I’ll be covering everything from beauty products I’m obsessing over to must-try brunch spots. In my book, today marks Day 1 of 2018 Resolutions so I’m kicking off the CC series with FITNESS. Like everyone, I have a constantly evolving relationship with my body.

Fitness has become an unbelievably huge part of my life over the last two years. For those of you who don’t know – in early 2016, I was diagnosed with Diabetes. My doctor told me that if I didn’t start making a change in my everyday life, my condition was only going to get worse. What started as a mandatory lifestyle adjustment, quickly became a form of empowerment. Not just because I saw my body changing, but because I was celebrating my body. Since my 2018 resolutions are centered around mindful self love practices + mental changes, I want to continue viewing exercise as a celebration.

As the old saying goes: look good, feel good. I hope these next few fitness products help you to celebrate your body!

 Fashionaholic - Currently Crushing Fitness - TechRoom Phantom Sneakers

Fashionaholic - Currently Crushing Fitness - Bandier Leggings

Fashionaholic - Currently Crushing Fitness - Varley Whittier Sweat

Fashionaholic - Currently Crushing Fitness - Beats Gold Matte Headphones

Fashionaholic - Currently Crushing Fitness - Bandier Molly Tank

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