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I wanted to share with you guys my top 3 favorite workouts for the new year. As I said on my previous post, one of my resolutions is to workout more and eat healthier. I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who needs to attend a class to get my workout on (more motivation). I find myself dreading working out when I try to “do it myself” at the gym. I love how these classes I chose to focus on are between 45-60 minutes long so I can get back to my kids and work quicker.



Ok, so if you haven’t heard of Flywheel you’re definitely missing out. It’s got to be my top class to go to because it’s 45 minutes of intense cycling and it’s in the dark so no one can see you struggling.  What makes flywheel different from your regular spin class is the bar routine towards the end to work the arms. They have the best staff for newbies and the perfect sound track to get you excited to spin. The best feature is their app that allows you to monitor your progress and book classes. Check out their website to get started!



2) Bootcamp

Bootcamp is where I go when I really need to get myself moving; it’s 60 minutes of intense cardio and muscle strengthening. I know once I leave I’m going to be sore for the next couple of days. With our family Jamaica trip approaching I’ve been a regular at my bootcamp trying to prepare my beach bod. My instructor is one of those types that won’t let you quit and is constantly yelling at the class to pick it — which in this case is what I need. The majority of gyms offer a bootcamp, so next time you’re going try it out and see what you think.



3) Pure Barre

I just discovered Pure Barre this month as part of my resolution goal. It’s a 55 minute class focussing on very tiny isometric movements. Pure Barre incorporates ballet and pilates targeting your core muscles. Since I have started I’ve noticed that my body is becoming more toned and sculpted. I like to alternate between Flywheel and Pure Barre — cardio vs toning. Trust me this class is for people of all shapes and sizes don’t think you have to be good at dance to succeed in this class. Instructors are very friendly and walk around the class assisting people if necessary. Once you go a couple times you will get the hang of things. 


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    I use to go to work out classes. Now I just run

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