Feels Like Fall

Well its thursday morning and feels like fall……crisp and cool feeling. I LOVE IT! I LOVE leopard print and as you can see from my previous posts, I incorporate leopard into almost every outfit if I can get away with it so my apologies for repeating the print. I cant wait to see pictures from NYFW.  Which designer are you most excited about this season??? I cant wait to see my favorites, Isabel Marant, CHANEL, Gucci, YSL, Givenchy, Haute Hippie,  and many others.




{ JACKET }   Bebe

{ DRESS }   Isabel Marant

{ BOOTS }   Christian Loubutine

{ BAG }    Chanel

Thank you for reading my blog and your support :)









42 comments on “Feels Like Fall”

  1. Kathleen Reply

    What killer boots! Bet you’ve been looking forward to breaking them out for this fall season!

  2. Pinky Reply

    I’m your most new follower and I think leopard looks great on you! It’s ur thing..always stick to it

  3. Caroline Anisa Reply

    So cute, as usual:) Love that Chanel. So classy!!! Prompts to mixing and matching patterns and making it work!! xox

  4. Rach Reply

    Those boots are so FIERCE!! I love them!! you look great! Following you now, hope you’ll follow back!

    xo Rach

  5. Caayenne Reply

    Boots from a new Louboutin autumn collection? Like your bag also! Follow you :*

    xoxo :*


  6. Elsha Reply

    Heeeey sexy laaady! You are killing those boots…like no one else should be allowed to wear them except you. That’s a fact :)

  7. olivia Reply

    I love ur style!!!! and u r a very sexy lady always looking good in all ur outfits. …:-)

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