Fendi Trunk Show

Hi….hope everyone had a great weekend! So Fendi from Costa Mesa comes to Chicago twice a year and has a trunk show at Wardorf Astoria. An event not to miss!!!!  Fall ready to wear was beyond incredible…..I couldn’t decide between 5 items. They will ship them to me and then I will decide on 2 pieces. Anniversary gift from husband!! Thanks Babe!!! AND…its tax free…what a bonus. Here is one piece I had to share with you…..more to come :)

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32 comments on “Fendi Trunk Show”

  1. Caroline Anisa Reply

    Love it! Your eyes and complexion look lovely with this color:) Totally envious! haha:)

  2. susan Reply

    Stunning! I hope this is one of the piece’s that’s a keeper??
    And PS – finally had a chance to peek at your website. Wow! You are so modest ms. Janet!

  3. Naty Michele Reply

    Thanks for your lovely comment! Love this piece it’s amazing! of course I would love to follow each other! Following now and hope you follow back :)


  4. Pear Reply

    Thanks for stopping by my page and for the lovely comment!

    Sounds like an amazing event!! You’re so lucky!

    XO, Pear

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