Ghoul to Glam: Halloween Looks

As the rain keeps falling and the temperature keeps dropping the only thing keeping my spirits high is that Halloween is just around the corner. While many believe this spooky holiday is centered around children and trick-or-treating, I beg to differ. Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing my babies up in fun costumes and taking adorable in-character photos. But since I love any excuse to get glammed up, I like to partake in the holiday myself! Come on, we can’t let the kids have ALL the fun.

Personally, I see Halloween as an exquisite excuse to dress up and party, two of my favorite things. To get in the festive spirit I am sharing all of my fave Halloween makeup looks that can turn you from ghoul to glam!

1. Party Animal

I have seen this look done by celebrities and makeup gurus alike and I love it more and more every time. While it looks complex, it is actually a pretty simple look to achieve. With a lot of contouring, a smokey eye and some falsies you’ll be transformed into a beautiful woodland creature. If you are looking for some outfit inspo, I recommend checking out Lauren Conrad’s take on the look.

2. Mermaid

In my personal opinion, this is one of the most glam Halloween looks I have ever seen. Whether you’re fulfilling your childhood dream of becoming underwater princess Ariel or you are going for an enchanting mythological look, you absolutely have to try this out. All you need is some blue, purple and green makeup and a pair of fishnet stockings. Strange, I know, but if you put the fishnet stockings over your face and brush on the colorful makeup, you’ll achieve the scales of a mermaid.

3. David Bowie

What a beautiful way to pay tribute to such a legend. I don’t know about you, babes, but I absolutely adore David Bowie. This makeup look is so simple, yet everyone will know (and appreciate) who you are.

4. Wednesday Addams

If you’re anything like me, you still like a bit of scare in your style on this one day of the year that we’re allowed to be scary. I love all the different takes on Wednesday Addams from the infamous Addams Family. The outfit is so chic and simple and the makeup is edgy yet classic. A dark smokey eye, subtle contour and dark lip. Get your creep on and try this fun and flawless look.

5. Pop Art

How glam and gorgeous is this look? This is one of my new favorite funky makeup trends for Halloween. Andy Warhol has always been an inspiration on mine and one of my favorite artists and I am so pleased that his work is being brought to life. I am especially loving the Wonder Woman take on this.

6. 1920s Flapper Girl

Did someone say Gatsby? I must admit, I have had a love for The Great Gatsby since I was forced to read it in high school literature. Something about the roaring 20s has always been incredibly dreamy for me. I will be channeling my inner Daisy Buchanan with this romantic look. Not to mention the wardrobe is marvelous.

7. Daenerys Targaryen

Game of Thrones fan or not, how beautiful is this look? The makeup is so effortlessly simple. The costume may require a bit of work but the makeup is taking an everyday natural glam look to the next level. All that’s to it is a nude eye, nude pink lip and thick dark brows. Watch Carli Bybel’s video on how she achieved this look!

8. Poison Ivy

I know, I know this has been done before (specifically by Kim K..), but I just cannot get over how gorgeous this makeup is. There is nothing quite like channeling a strong and sexy female character for Halloween. If you don’t feel like putting actual leaves on your face opt for an enviable green eyeshadow, and don’t forget the falsies!

9. Sugar Skull

Babes, how fun is this look? I love the romanticization of the classic skeleton makeup. This adds a girly and feminine touch to a staple Halloween costume.

10. Cruella De Vil

Who doesn’t love playing the villain sometimes? I cannot think of a more glamorous Disney villain than the one and only Ms. Cruella De Vil. She was rockin’ fur coats before they were in, need I say more? I adore Jaclyn Hill’s version of Cruella De Vil. From the porcelain skin to the bold eye and classic red lip this is a stunning look.

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