When you dine at a Japanese restaurant, you probably expect to see sushi on the menu, but Japanese cuisine is so much more than raw fish and rice. At Sumi Robata Bar I gained a greater appreciation for Japanese culinary traditions when I was invited to try an ancient culinary technique that was originated by Japanese fishermen.

Sumi is derived from the Japanese word for charcoal. Robata is a method of cooking in which food is slowly grilled over the hot charcoal. The design of Sumi reflects charcoal in its purest form, with a focus on natural materials including stone and bamboo.

Some of my favorite Robata grilled items were the king crab with spicy mayo, guytan (beef tong) and wagyu ribeye. I enjoyed getting to order 4-5 different types of meat, seafood and veggies to share with my date. There are also traditional cold and hot Japanese appetizers on the menu.

For dessert you must order the tofu panna cota. Actually, order two because it’s so delicious. If you go to Sumi let me know what you think about the japanese bbq.


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