Camel Suede Fringe Boots

Saint Laurent Fringe Boots

70’s Inspired Boho Look This summer, the streets will be filled with 70s inspired vintage wear as suede, fringe, and flare make their comeback. Taking a trip back in time, I find myself loving everything about the return of the bold statement jewelry, bell bottom jeans, plunging necklines and crochet tops. They represent a time

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Athletic Wear Trend

How to Make the Athleisure Trend Work For You The athleisure trend is having something of a revival, like all things 90’s and fabulous. Whether you’re shooting for the “i’m just off to the gym” look or want to elevate your athletic wear to athluxury level chic; I’ve got the right tips to help you

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Christina Karin Dress 3

Christina Karin Blush Dress

  BLUSH HUED LOOK A really romantic color to wear this spring is the blush-hued dress. Not only does it compliment sun-kissed skin tones, but it sets the mood for the evening. For this look, I went with one of my favorite designers Christina Karin. I discovered her amazing designs a little over a year

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