It might seem that in a big city like Chicago, fashion should be striking, edgy and obvious. I do, however, find that it is hard to meet fabulous street style even in downtown Chicago. Of course, it is easier to stay fashionable in bearable weather conditions and not in polar vortex but I feel that most people do not like to experiment and make a statement with what they are wearing. It is not as hard as it might seem.
Even a casual outfit – a white tee, jeans and biker jacket can always be spiced up with animal printed boots and necklace. I wore these Christian Louboutin boots to have lunch with a friend and fellow blogger Helen  (who by the way took these fabulous photos) and received a lot of compliments.

Don’t be afraid to take risks!



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{ HAT } -Lanvin

{ BOOTS } – Christian Louboutin

{ BAG } – Celine

{ JEANS } – Black Orchid

{ TOP } – Iro

{ JACKET } – Phillip Lim

{ NECKLACE } – t+j designs

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