1 Hello loves! Do you remember I promised to share my secrets on how I get designer pieces for 80% off retail? I mentioned some of the tips in my other post but now it is time to reveal my big secret. There are three main websites where I shop. I’ve told you about eBay already, so that’s not news. I myself sold plenty of vintage items for a great price. The main advice for eBay is to constantly look and bet in auctions.

For those who can’t handle all the craziness of the eBay check out Vaunte.com. What I love about Vaunte is that they have a very specific list of brands they accept which makes the search a lot easier.  Here you can find all the items I am currently selling on Vaunte. Their customer service is great and the shipment is fast.

And now ladies and gents… (drum roll) my ace in the hole is TheRealReal.com. Oh, I just looove this website! The prices are amazing. Sometimes I can’t believe that someone will even sell such great stuff for so cheap. Yes, there are some items on there that are too vintage for my taste and as I’ve mentioned before you need to really look for the good stuff but it totally pays off. Oscar de la Renta dress for $195? Check! Jimmy Choos from last year barely worn for $ 140?? Have done that! And don’t think too long. If you like it – get it, especially if you are wearing the most common sizes – Medium or size 7 in shoes.

Share your finds with me in the comments below! Or leave your e-mail and a request of what you are looking for and in what size and if I come across it I’ll drop you a line and a link. I constantly shop for my friends. Good luck babes! P.S. This Kate Spade polka dot dress was also bought at TheRealReal.

XOXO Janet

polka dot dress1 4 polka dot dress2
{ HEELS } – Saint Laurent

{ HAT } – Eugenia Kim

{ BELT } – Hermes

{ DRESS } – Kate Spade

{ BRACELETS } – Hermes, t+j designs


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