Yesterday Jenna, a blogger at Von Z is the new black, a store owner and a friend of mine interviewed me for her “Coffee Talk Tuesday” column. I had a lot of fun answering the questions and I was very honest. Read the interview to learn few fun acts about me and my life. Hope you enjoy it!


Occupation: Entrepreneur ( and and Fashion Blogger (

We’re out for coffee and we’re buying. What’s your order: Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte

Biggest Fear: RATS

Currently in your bag: Wallet, Emergency Kit (gum, tampons, floss, kleenex, nail file, hand cream ), Phone, Keys, Chanel Sunnies, sons toy car, and bronzer

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be? SHOPAHOLIC

Most Unique Quality: Patient…..although having kids changed that a bit.

NY or Chicago pizza: Of course Chicago….the deep dish from Peaquods is amazing but our thin Pizza is just as good as anywhere else.

You’re headed to an island and can only bring (3) things – what would they be: My family, M &M’s and Chanel Chain Boots

What is on your bookshelf: Pictures of my children and family, A wine bottle with our wedding photo on it, How to raise a jewish dog, The Devil in the White City, Market Fresh Mixology, Let’s Celebrate Our Jewish Holiday and Steven Tyler Book. (Can you tell I’m jewish???? LOL)

On your wish list: Chanel Lego Crystal Bag (hope my husband is reading this) and Hermes Kelly Bag

What gets you through the cold weather season: My Moncler Jackets, My Mou Mou fur boots and my furs (PETA…..I wear faux fur too )

Pick two celebrities to be your parents. Who would they be and why: Sting and Trudi (They seem to have an amazing marriage considering being married for over 20 years. Thats sorta rare these days in Hollywood. They have 6 children which I admire immensely. Having 1 is hard….6 I can’t imagine)

What item in your closet gets the most wear: My Moncler Jackets

What would you tell your younger self: Think wisely….and weigh out your pros and cons before making lifetime decisions.

Last three items on your credit card statement: Oh geez….hope its not all stores! Barneys, Fed ex and American Airlines

If you could pick anyone in the world to take a shot (or 3) of tequila with, who would it be: My husband! First, he loves shots of tequila and second…..he would be so pissed if I didn’t pick him and lastly……he is my best friend and with 3 shots of tequila he will have to wake up with the kids in the morning : )

Best advice you’ve ever been given, go! Be yourself….and let your other half be himself too! Compromise, Honesty and Patience is what makes any relationship successful.
Greatest accomplishment: Marrying my best friend and having 2 amazing healthy children.

Last book you read: Yikes…..books…..I rarely read those. Magazines…..VOGUE the fall fashion issue.

What fashion means to you: Fashion is art to me….and something I was born to love. No one is better than anyone and fashion shouldn’t be competitive, its an expression. I started a fashion blog because I like to keep a journal of my fashion and this art form I created. Its a hobby to me……and I love everything about it. The most important thing is that my husband understand this passion of mine too :)

And we obviously have to ask, what’s your current favorite von Z item: The crystal bracelet…..WHOA!!!!!!

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