Plug In + Pump Up: My Workout Playlist

Babes, can you believe how quickly the holiday season has snuck up on us? It feels like just yesterday I was dipping my toes in the pool watching my babies splashing around. But, alas it is November and Thanksgiving is less than a week away with the holidays just around the corner.

While I try to stay somewhat healthy, (keep an eye out for my favorite guilt-free Thanksgiving dishes) I can’t resist indulging in my favorite sweet potato casserole. So in preparation, I am hitting the gym now! Trust me, it might not be easy in the colder months when all you want to do is curl up on the couch and munch on holiday treats, but we can do it ladies!

In attempt to help motivate us all I have created my ultimate pump up workout playlist. Whether you like rap, rock or pop music, this mix has something to get everyone up and running. Hope this helps xoxo!

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