Happy Tuesday! Did everyone enjoy their long weekend with family and friends?? We went to our family beach house and laid out in the sun with the entire family which consists of 19 people. Chaos…..but memorable! I got stung by a bee, my first time. I guess I butt dialed my mother in law and all she heard was me screaming and crying LOL. Really painful! Here is an outfit post from last week…..


{ TOP }    Zara

{ SHORTS }    Finders Keepers

{ SHOES }    YSL

{ BAG }    Vintage Chanel

{ NECKLACE }   Stella and Dot

Thank you for stopping by :)



52 comments on “Stung……”

  1. jjiglycious Reply

    you look so fab!!
    and your shoes is to die for,
    sure we can follow each other

    following you on bloglovin now
    and waiting for your follow back


  2. Caroline Anisa Reply

    Love your YSL’s! Do you have any YSL tributes? Love the look of them too:) Totally need to find a pair of shorts like yours; how cute! Also, I’ve been saving my pennies for a Chanel…:) Can’t wait until I get one! You’ve got great style, and I can’t believe you are a mother! You look SO young!!! Gorgeous!

  3. Kathleen Reply

    I’m sorry you got stung by a bee :0 but you’re wearing super cute shoes so that’s a plus! and those shorts are adorableee!

  4. Tiffany Reply

    omg, I love the shoes!! such a nice heel and I love the gold tip
    sounds like a fun weekend but sorry to hear you got stung =\

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    • admin Reply

      Thanks for the write up and posting my shoes on your blog!!! LOVE LOVE your blog……xoxo

  6. GlamFabChameleon Reply

    Great look, magnificent shoes and such a pretty necklace!
    Thank you for your comment!

  7. ani Reply

    How cute are those ruffled shorts? Haven’t seen anything girly like that, that’s amazing. Adds that playful touch to your whole outfit. those heels are amazing but I could never walk in them- sooooooooooo high, are they comfy?

    thanks for stopping at my blog and your lovely comment. Looked through your blog and you have some amazing looks there, don’t wanna miss them in the future- you have a new follower on bloglovin’ :-)

    <3 Ani

  8. stylejourneys Reply

    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Your outfit is gorgeous and those shoes…. gasp!
    I would love for us to follow each other and share thoughts and ideas. :)
    Looking forward to hearing from you again.

    Have a lovely weekend!


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