Janet Mandell of Fashionaholic wearing a Moncler Puffer Jacket

Puff Pieces: Puffer Jackets To Fight The January Cold

Puffer Jackets are a necessity when you live in freezing climates!  Here in Chicago we get cold temps starting in November and they can stick around until April.   Having the perfect winter coat is essential for me.  Every woman should invest in a classic winter coat to add into her wardrobe. Finding the best mix between flattering and fashionable can be tricky but once you’ve found the perfect one you’ll be set all winter.  A Jacket that keeps you cozy and adapts to your personal style is just what every woman needs!  Below are a few of my favorite puffers for this season.


This Herno puffer jacket is the perfect black puffer that goes with everything!  You won’t have to worry about this coat compromising your style. You can’t go wrong with this sleek and ultra warm down-filled jacket for the winter. Plus the fox fur trim is the ultimate finish.


I’m obsessed with this coat! It’s perfect if you are looking to show off your personal style. The metallic finish adds the perfect amount of flare to make a statement.


This is the best jacket for getting that extra warmth you will be craving when the temps drop.  It has some length and you may think it looks like your traditional “mom jacket”  but don’t let that scare you, it’s super flattering!


I love this Canada Goose jacket for those super cold days.  It’s not like your traditional puffer jacket but it’s seriously so warm.  It’s fitted and perfect for layering when you need extra warmth.


A jacket that makes a statement but still gets the job done at keeping me warm is what I live for.  Camo is great because it’s bold but still incorporates neutral colors, which makes it easy to pair with anything!


This is a perfect piece that incorporates bright and bold colors, but isn’t over the top.  It’s a great coat to take your look from classic to edgy.


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